Sealed with an X

Sealed with an X? Today is Valentine’s Day. A day to send cards, candies, and flowers to that special someone. A day that expects you to set aside extra time and put forth extra effort to display our affections to the ones that matter most in our lives. If I might make a suggestion could I encourage you to write a letter today to that someone in your life that supported you when you needed it most. The one that celebrated your last birthday with you and laughs hysterically at you’re poor attempts at humor. If it were me I would want to let them know how much I appreciate the fact that they know me and still love me. How nice it is to have them to share ideas with and the sense of validation they give to my dreams. I might mention how much I’ve grown and matured by saying something like ….since you’ve came into my life, honey I’m a better man. Or I might want to point out some of the things that I love most about my Valentine. The way they always make sure I’m the most important person in the room, the way they squeeze my hand when I’m feeling nervous, a laugh or a smile at just the right moment. So much could be shared if we would only put pen to paper and write from our hearts. It’s not about using the right words or writing a novel. It’ s about the effort, the fact that you sat down and actually thought about how you feel about that person and why. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing to man or a women we all like to know that someone loves us not matter what.
A really good letter isn’t a long letter. As a matter of fact the only way it could become a great Valentine letter is if you take the time to actually write it. I hope you will and of course seal it with a Kiss.

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