Is it really a Wonderful Life?

Have you ever felt like George Bailey? Because of the sacrifices you’ve made to help others you feel like the dreams you’ve put on hold will never come to pass? In the back of your mind you always feel like you’ve taken two steeps forward and then one step back. After all, how can you follow your dream and help others along the way or worse putting your dream on hold while others move ahead. And that is the problem. Like George we think that we can become involved in other’s lives and when we feel our work is done simply step out of that roll and be on our merry way. Real life isn’t so cleanly cut. By investing ourselves in the lives of others we hope to be a positive influence that propels individuals to higher callings and greater work.
Of course by the end of the movie we along with George find that now matter who we are or what we do, our actions have a tremendous affect on those we spend our lives with. Not only our loved ones, but those we come in contact with on a daily basis like our co-workers, school mates, customers, patients, you get the idea. You see, by never dropping a pebble into the pond, by holding back on a dream, ripples that could impact others will never be made. We fear the possibility of negative impacts more than we value the possibility of the positive impacts that could drive others.
Stop holding back on your dreams. You might be holding back more than just yourself.

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