A Story.

I once read a story about a couple that had been married for nearly twenty years when the husband received a diagnoses that would allow him to write the next four months of his story with greater clarity and purpose than he had in the whole of his life before. What most would consider a death sentence was instead received as a wake up call that allowed him to have a more profound impact on the lives of his family and his faith in the following days. The wife later recounted how she had been shocked and broken, but then lifted and encouraged by her husbands steadfast strength and control as he planned adventures like missions trips and family getaways as well as the estate planning and final arrangements.  She  asked him how he could he seem to be so calm and under control while his world was coming apart around him. He responded that one of his favorite pastimes had always been reading. The best were always biographies of people he had admired. For those that had already passed on when their biography was written there always seemed to be a sense of unfinished business. Some task or project unfinished. Families that were left without the closure that was needed. He said that he had been given a gift. A gift that allowed him to take some control of his “final chapter”.  Where things get done and the family is ready and prepared to start a new volume when he puts his pen down for the final time.

He had regretted never having written a word that might encourage others during his lifetime. But by the way he lived his final days he encouraged others to write about him and his story. I was encouraged by this story many years ago. By a man that had the clarity to take control of his story in the end. And so here I am. Determined to keep moving forward and encouraging those that I come into contact with to tell better stories with their lives. How are you writing your story?

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