Let Go

Let go and let God… How many times have you heard that little nugget? It’s sounds simple enough. The act of letting go should be easy right? Images of release probably come to mind. Letting go of a string and allowing a red balloon of despair to ascend high into the heavens taking our petitions before our Lord. The problem for most of us however is that we some how manage to tie the string to our finger. The balloon ascends but only so far. It hangs over our head never breaking free from its bondage to us. You see, letting go is much harder than we realize. Why? Because deep down we struggle. As a Christian we understand what the Bible teaches about trusting God but as a participant in this circus called life we find ourselves in the position of always trying to “own” our problems. Be tough, be strong, you can handle it. We hear it so often that we have forgotten that being broken, being weak, and allowing God to handle it is the only way to Let Go and Let God. He can be your healer, He can be your strength, and He can work in your life to orchestrate His perfect outcome according to His plan. In doing so He may use you to strengthen or help mend the lives of others. May I encourage you to Let Go and Let God… Work in you life. Allow Him to use you as a blessing to others and allow others to enrich and bless you as well.

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