Perfect Strength

Perfect Strength found in perfect brokenness.
Over the past five years and often over the last couple of months many have commented on how strong my wife Kezia is in dealing with the health issues she has faced. On the morning of her recent surgery she and I talked about her ability to press on under heavy health burdens and she reflected on a period in her life that had a profound impact on her. Many of you may already know this story but some of you may not. Let’s take a short journey together to a not so long ago place….
Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl that enjoyed making new friends, playing outside and fishing with her grandpa. On the summer of her eighth year she had the opportunity to attend summer camp. While the thought of being away from home was both exciting and a little scary the little girl looked forward to the experience.
Just as expected, there were fun activities like basketball, swimming, and singing. She really enjoyed making new friends and having lots of fun. On the third night little miss was struck with a terrible case of the “home sick blues”. Suffering with such a condition the girl decided to climb to the top bunk where a friend could be found. Soon home sickness was replaced with drowsiness and then sleep….

However her rest would not last. Feelings if fear and pain thundered through her mind like wild horses on the move. What had happened? Why am I felling such pain. Her body was hurting but answers were not immediately found. Help was needed but for what? Camp staff initially thought it was a tummy ache resulting from the home sick blues and treated it as such. However it didn’t take long before minds were changed. The little girl begin to run a high fever and was very sick. Now Keep in mind this story takes place “once upon a time” and cell phones do not exist yet. Parents were not always as easily reached as they are today and many hours passed before a medical assessment was done. During those hours the story of what had happened came together. A fall from the top bunk had landed her flat on her back against a cold concrete floor.
Now at a hospital the damage to her eight year old body was revealed. A ruptured spleen, broken ribs, and a bruised spirit.
Surgeons worked quickly and repaired the spleen, time slowly healed the ribs. But it was the spirit that took the most work. The little girl had to learn to be still when she wanted to run and she had to learn to wait on Gods perfect healing.
Kezia learned some hard lessons as a little eight year old girl. She was forged with the heat and pressure of bodily brokenness and the purification of Gods perfect healing. God took the broken and restored it. He purified and prepared her for His work and His plan. She is being used as an instrument of encouragement and compassion showing forth as an example of His Grace and His Light. Yes there are still times when she wants to run. There are times of absolute brokenness in her spirit. But that little eight year old girl inside reminds her to be still and let God manifest His perfect strength in her.

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